Fashion Bloggers Who Will Be Covering Slutwalk La 2017?

Looking for some inspiring fashion bloggers who will be covering Slutwalk LA 2017? Here are some of our favorites!

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Who are the fashion bloggers who will be covering Slutwalk LA 2017?

Slutwalk is an annual event that started in 2011 in response to a police officer’s comment that women should avoid dressing like “sluts” in order to not be sexually harassed or assaulted. The event has since gone global, with Slutwalks happening in cities all around the world each year.

With the 2017 Slutwalk LA event just around the corner (it’s happening on October 7), we’re wondering which fashion bloggers will be in attendance and covering the event on their blog or social media channels? We’ve rounded up a list of our favorite fashion bloggers below – be sure to check them out and follow along for updates from Slutwalk LA 2017!

-Jenn from Closet Confessions LA
-Kelly from The Naked Truth About Fashion
-Margo & Me
-Rachael from Then I Got Dressed
-Sarah from

What is Slutwalk LA 2017?

Slutwalk LA is an annual event that celebrates women’s sexuality and calls for an end to slut shaming. This year’s event will take place on October 7th in Los Angeles, California.

Many fashion bloggers have expressed interest in covering the event, which is sure to be full of stylish looks. Some of the bloggers who have announced their intention to cover Slutwalk LA 2017 include:

-Ria Tirado of The Fashionably Broke Travels
-Bex vanKoot of Bexvangogh
-Anita Sangadzhieva of I Am Not a Trophy
-Gabriela Herstik of

These bloggers are just a few of the many fashion bloggers who will be covering Slutwalk LA 2017. Be sure to follow your favorite fashion bloggers to see what they’ll be wearing to the event!

Why are these fashion bloggers covering Slutwalk LA 2017?

SlutWalk LA is an annual event that started in 2011. The walk is a way to stand up against victim shaming and slut shaming by promoting the idea that “consent is mandatory.”

This year, the event will take place on October 7th, and there are several fashion bloggers who have announced that they will be in attendance.

Some of the most popular fashion bloggers covering the event include:
-Amber Fillerup Clark of Barefoot Blonde
-Kyrzayda Rodriguez of Fashion By Kyrzayda
-Caroline Receveur of Caroline Receveur Official
-Andrea Brooks of Brooksagencies

What is the message that Slutwalk LA 2017 is trying to send?

The annual Slutwalk LA is happening on October 7th, 2017 and it’s a time for men, women, and children of all ages to come together and show their support for survivors of sexual assault. This year’s theme is “Shatter the Silence” and the message being sent is that no one should ever be victims of sexual violence. In addition to marching in solidarity, there will also be a number of fashion bloggers covering the event. Here are just a few of the bloggers who will be in attendance:

-Sasha Benz from The Fashionably Political
-Tanisha from Curves and Confidence
-Muriel from Chic Rebellion
-Kamaria from The Glamazon Diaries
-Jasmine from Black Girl with Long Hair
-Andrea from Andrea’s choice

How did Slutwalk LA 2017 come about?

Slutwalk LA happened because a police officer made some very public and inflammatory comments about how women should dress and behave to avoid being raped. In response, a group of women decided to hold a public march to raise awareness about victim blaming and slut shaming, and to show that no one deserves to be raped, regardless of what they are wearing or how they are behaving. The first Slutwalk LA was held in 2012, and it has been held every year since then. This year’s Slutwalk LA will take place on October 1st.

What are the goals of Slutwalk LA 2017?

SlutWalk LA is a body-positive, sex-positive, intersectional feminist activist movement that seeks to end victim-blaming, slut-shaming, and rape culture. It is also a powerful cry for gender equality, respect, and consent. The first SlutWalk was organized in 2011 in response to a Toronto police officer who suggested that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing like “sluts.” Since then, SlutWalks have been held all over the world, including in Los Angeles.

This year’s SlutWalk LA will be held on October 7th, 2017. The goals of the Slutwalk are threefold:

1) To educate the public about slut-shaming, victim-blaming, and rape culture;
2) To demand an end to these practices; and
3) To empower survivors of sexual violence.

To achieve these goals, the organizers of SlutWalk LA have lined up an impressive lineup of fashion bloggers who will be covering the event. These bloggers include:

1) Haley Swanson of Cheap Chow Mein: Cheap Chow Mein is a food and fashion blog based in Los Angeles. Haley will be covering SlutWalk LA for the first time this year and is excited to document the event through both photos and words.
2) Gabi fresh of GabiFresh: GabiFresh is a fashion blog for “babes of all sizes” founded by plus-size model and body confidence activist Gabi Gregg. In addition to her work as a blogger, Gabi is also a designer who has created lines for Torrid and Swimsuits For All. She will be attending and live-tweeting SlutWalk LA 2017.
3) Nicolette Mason of Nicolette Mason: Nicolette Mason is a popular plus-size fashion blogger with a huge following on social media. A former editor at Marie Claire magazine, Nicolette launched her eponymous blog in 2009 as a way to discuss fashion trends that were relevant to her own life as a plus-size woman. She has since become one of the most respected voices in plus-size fashion and will be live-tweeting from SlutWalk LA 2017.

What has been the response to Slutwalk LA 2017 so far?

Slutwalk LA 2017 is an annual event that brings together people of all genders to march and protest against slut-shaming and sexual violence. This year, the event will take place on October 7th in Downtown Los Angeles.

So far, the response to Slutwalk LA 2017 has been positive, with many fashion bloggers and others expressing interest in attending and covering the event. Some of the most popular fashion bloggers who have said they will be covering Slutwalk LA 2017 include @thefashionguitar, @theanaesthesiologistwife, @ slayinla, @jesshunt1017, and @JosieK7.

How can people get involved with Slutwalk LA 2017?

Slutwalk LA is an annual event created to bring awareness to sexual assault and slut shaming. The walk is open to anyone and everyone who wants to participate, and there are several ways to get involved.

Volunteering is a great way to support the cause, and there are many different roles that need to be filled in order for the event to run smoothly. Signing up to be a volunteer is easy – just head over to the Slutwalk LA website and fill out the form.

If you’re not able to volunteer your time, you can still support Slutwalk LA by making a donation. Donations of any amount are appreciated and will go towards operating costs, marketing, and more. You can donate through the website or via PayPal.

Lastly, you can help spread the word about Slutwalk LA by sharing information about the event with your friends and family. The more people that are aware of Slutwalk LA, the more successful it will be!

What other events are happening in conjunction with Slutwalk LA 2017?

In addition to Slutwalk LA, there are a few other events happening in conjunction with the march. There will be a meet and greet the night before, where attendees can mingle and get to know each other. The group will also be holding a bake sale to raise funds for future events. And, of course, there will be the march itself, which is open to everyone.

How can people stay up-to-date with Slutwalk LA 2017?

Fashion bloggers can stay up-to-date with Slutwalk LA 2017 by following certain bloggers who are expected to cover the event. This year, some of the most popular fashion bloggers who are expected to cover Slutwalk LA 2017 include @thefashionmedley, @maryorton, and @laurenconrad.

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