Flashcards + What Is the Term for a Group of Related Projects Managed in a Coordinated Fashion?

Institute for Project Management. a term used to describe a collection of similar projects that are handled in concert. Program.

Similarly, What is the name of a group of projects that are managed in a coordinated manner?

A program is a collection of connected projects handled in concert to achieve advantages not possible while managing them separately. Application of knowledge, skills, tools, and procedures to programs is known as program management.

Also, it is asked, Is a group of related projects managed in a coordinated fashion in support of the portfolio?

Programs are organized into portfolios and are made up of projects, subprograms, or other types of work that are managed in concert to serve the portfolio. A portfolio still includes specific initiatives that are either within or outside of a program.

Secondly, Which type of organization does the project manager have the most control over the project?

Project managers have greater power in functional organizations than they do in matrix organizations. In a functional organization as opposed to a matrix organization, more employees work full-time on projects.

Also, What organization is recognized worldwide for setting project management standards quizlet?

2. Which company is renowned globally for establishing standards in project management? B. With more than 400,000 members worldwide, the Project Management Institute (PMI) is the largest professional project management organisation.

People also ask, What is a portfolio of projects?

A portfolio is a series of initiatives that are managed together to meet predetermined goals. All initiatives, programs, and operational activities carried out by an organization may be included in one portfolio.

Related Questions and Answers

What a portfolio is?

The contents in a portfolio serve as examples of your values, abilities, credentials, education, training, and experiences. It reveals information about your character and work ethics.

What is portfolio management in project management?

The selection, prioritization, and control of an organization’s programs and projects in accordance with its strategic goals and ability to deliver are referred to as portfolio management. While maximizing return on investment, the objective is to strike a balance between implementing change initiatives and maintaining business as usual.

What is program management system?

The process of allocating resources to different projects within the project portfolio, simplifying and coordinating the budget and schedule for the whole project portfolio, and monitoring and managing projects within the portfolio all make use of program management information systems.

What is team structure in project management?

Fundamentals of project teams: The following three organizational types influence project teams: Project managers have less authority and influence due to the functional organizational structure’s teams’ focus on specialized functions, where functional team heads are the final decision-makers (e.g. Marketing, Development, Sales).

What is a dedicated project team?

In a project organizational structure, focused teams are assembled to work on projects. For the members of the project team, the project manager likely has line management responsibilities. Large building projects and business endeavors that call for a committed workforce are both examples of this.

What is a project organization?

The structure of the project is the project organization. It is developed independently by experts and personnel from many departments. These individuals report to the project manager. It takes a method to organize a project. It offers the framework for choosing how to carry out a project.

In which type of organization a project manager would have the most control quizlet?

The project manager often holds the lion’s share of authority in strong matrix organizations. The project manager oversees the project budget, has a full-time administrative team working for him, and does other duties as assigned.

What are the three types of project management office?

Different PMO kinds The three main varieties of PMO are supportive, controlling, and directive, from from least to greatest support.

In which of the following types of organization structures is the project manager’s role part time?

A project manager is often allocated from one of the functional departments in a part- or full-time role in a matrix organization. Members of different departments’ project teams are allocated to them, and they are relieved of their departmental responsibilities (at least partially)

What is a portfolio team?

A important stakeholder group within the Product Owner Team, the Portfolio Team manages the portfolio of Epics. In my previous piece, “Product Owner Team – Why?,” I listed “Provide timely information to the Portfolio Management for investment choices” as a major goal for the product owner team.

What means project manager?

An expert who organizes, plans, and manages projects while adhering to constraints like budgets and timetables is known as a project manager. Leading teams, setting objectives, communicating with stakeholders, and seeing a project through to completion are all responsibilities of project managers.

What are the four types of project management?

There are four basic categories of project managers. Manager of technical projects. energetic project manager. Project manager with expertise. dependable project manager

What is another name for portfolio?

On this page, you may find 19 interchangeable terms for the word “portfolio,” including its idiomatic equivalents in the following words: bag, papers, folder, selection, holdings, responsibility, collection, securities, profile, case, and range.

What is in a professional portfolio?

A professional portfolio is a collection of illustrations and proof that demonstrates your expertise, aptitude, and potential for career advancement.

What are the 3 types of portfolio management?

PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT TYPES Manage a portfolio actively. The objective of an active portfolio manager is to outperform market returns. Portfolio Management in the Passive. Management of a discretionary portfolio. Management of Non-Discretionary Portfolios.

What is strategic management program?

Program management – what is it? Program management, according to Gartner, is the coordinated planning, management, and execution of several connected projects that are aimed at the same organizational, corporate, or strategic goals.

What is program and project?

A project is an individual, concentrated endeavor. A program is made up of many projects that together make up a larger body of work. The many initiatives work best together to help the program accomplish its overall goals.

What is program development and management?

They are by definition large contracts with a variety of different components, such as programme development (i.e., strategic planning to define particular project activities), programme management (i.e., managing the entire cycle for particular projects, including technical and financial elements), monitoring, and.

What are the types of project organization?

Project organization types Functional. Organizational structures for functional projects are based on typically operating departments with managers that answer to an executive. Project-oriented. Organic. Matrix. Multidivision. Virtual.\sDemocratic. Determine the participants in the project.

When projects are organized within the functional organization coordination is maintained through?

Coordination is kept up via standard management channels. It is often employed when one functional area has a dominating interest in the project’s success or plays a dominant role in its completion.

What is an example of a project team?

Depending on the situation, a small firm may just have one staff that works on many tasks. For instance, the team may be working on new product development the next day after spending the previous day at a trade fair gathering sales leads.

What is a project structure?

An organizational framework known as a project structure allows staff to work constantly on projects. All tasks in these buildings are carried out by teams of workers. 2. Definition The framework or structure for the development endeavor is provided by the project structure.


Project portfolios are groups of related projects managed in a coordinated fashion. They are often used to manage the different projects that make up a business or organization. The two terms for project portfolios are “portfolio” and “strategic portfolio.”

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