How to Make Old Fashion Pumpkin Pies?

Similarly, Can you use half and half to make pumpkin pie?

You may use a can of pumpkin puree as a substitute if you want. Half-and-half – I prefer the texture and flavor of half-and-half over heavy cream, but heavy cream will work in this recipe as well. Pie dough – If you have a favorite homemade pie crust, go ahead and use that.

Also, it is asked, Should you Prebake pie crust for pumpkin pie?

The majority of custard-filled pie recipes (including pumpkin pie!) call for prebaking the pie crust before filling it. The pie crust should be pre-baked to keep it crisp and avoid a soggy bottom.

Secondly, Can I substitute half and half for evaporated milk in pumpkin pie?

You may replace the evaporated milk with 12 cups cream or half and half (or a mix of the two). You may also use milk (any sort, from whole to skim) in place of the sugar and spices to help the pie firm up.

Also, Is it better to use cream or evaporated milk in pumpkin pie?

Instead of evaporated milk, use cream. Which one would taste better if you were to take a drink of each one side by side? It’s plainly the cream, not the canned milk, that works in pumpkin pie, so cream it is.

People also ask, Can I use heavy cream instead of evaporated milk in pumpkin pie?

But, if you’re anything like me, canned evaporated milk isn’t constantly on hand. The greatest thing is that you may use heavy cream or half-and-half instead of canned milk. That’s exactly what I did with this pie! I made a delicious, silky smooth pumpkin pie with heavy cream (no canned milk!).

Related Questions and Answers

What happens if you add an extra egg to pumpkin pie?

If you use too many eggs in the filling, it will souffle (rise) and then collapse, resulting in cracks on your pie. If you’re not an experienced baker, stick to the instructions for a flawlessly smooth top.

What happens if you add too much evaporated milk to pumpkin pie?

Blisters develop on the tops of pies with too much evaporated milk. Though the filling’s inside had a wonderful, creamy feel. The taste was little subdued, and there was a trace of milkiness to it.

Can I use condensed milk instead of evaporated milk in a pie?

No. You can’t use sweetened condensed milk in conventional pumpkin pie recipes that call for evaporated milk. It contains a lot of sugar, unlike evaporated milk. Because evaporated milk recipes also ask for sugar, your pie will be sickeningly sweet.

Can I substitute sour cream for evaporated milk in pumpkin pie?

Sour cream in lieu of other dairy in a pie filling (usually milk or sweetened condensed milk in pumpkin pie recipes) may not seem like a huge deal, but it makes a difference and is a delightful change of pace for pumpkin pie enthusiasts.

Can you use heavy cream in pumpkin pie?

Heavily whipped cream Pumpkin pie is luscious and silky smooth thanks to the use of heavy cream. In this pumpkin pie recipe, the filling is rich, creamy, and incredibly delicious. I use 1 cup heavy cream and 1/4 cup milk in my recipe. 1 and 1/4 cup heavy cream (or more) was just too much for me.

How do you keep the bottom crust of a pumpkin pie from getting soggy?

Before filling and baking in the oven, sprinkle dry breadcrumbs, crumbled cornflakes, or other kinds of cereal on the bottom crust. This will keep the crust from becoming soggy due to the contents.

How do you make a pumpkin pie without burning the crust?

What is the best way to keep a pie crust from burning? Cut a huge rectangle of foil large enough to cover the whole pie with. Half-fold the aluminum foil. Fold into quarters after that. Make a rounded corner using the foil’s outer open edges.

Should you poke holes in bottom of pie crust?

This baking time is for the crust alone, not the whole pie. The crust, on the other hand, may be utilized for a filled pastry; however, the baking time will vary depending on the recipe. Do not poke holes in the crust for a filled pie.

Can I use heavy whipping cream instead of evaporated milk?

Heavy cream has a viscosity that is quite similar to evaporated milk, despite the fact that it is not the lowest fat choice. In sweet and savory recipes, one cup of heavy cream may substitute one cup of evaporated milk. Furthermore, the taste will be blander than evaporated milk’s distinctive caramelized tones, despite a substantially richer texture.

Can you use regular milk for pumpkin pie?

Instead, use whole milk for a quick fix to your favorite Thanksgiving treat! This dish has a smooth creamy texture and a delicious pumpkin flavor, much like a typical pumpkin pie.

What can I substitute for heavy cream in pumpkin pie?

The 10 Best Heavy Cream Substitutes Butter with milk. Milk and butter make a simple, dependable heavy cream substitute that works in most recipes. Olive oil with soy milk Cornstarch and milk Butter with half-and-half Soy milk with silken tofu Milk with Greek yogurt Milk that has been evaporated. Milk with cottage cheese

Is pumpkin pie filling runny before baking?

When a custard pie filling, such as pumpkin pie filling, goes into the oven, it should be liquid, but it will thicken and solidify as it cooks.

Can I substitute yogurt for evaporated milk in pumpkin pie?

It’s time for some Greek yogurt once again! I adore pumpkin pie cakes and bars, but they almost always have evaporated milk. By replacing the evaporated milk with Greek yogurt, the meal loses roughly 450 calories and a significant amount of saturated fat and cholesterol.

Can I use Greek yogurt instead of evaporated milk?

Begin by retrieving that can of evaporated milk from everyone’s kitchen cabinet and converting it to ordinary milk by combining it with an equal quantity of water. Yogurt may also be used as a direct replacement. Greek yogurt, as well as sour cream, may be used as a 1:1 substitution.

What can I use instead of condensed milk?

If you run out of sweetened condensed milk, replace it with the same quantity of evaporated milk for a 1:1 substitution. The meal will have a similar consistency, but the flavor will not be as sweet. If you want to make the evaporated milk sweeter, you may add sugar to it.

Why is my pumpkin pie mushy?

Though you would believe that weeping indicates that your pie needs more time in the oven, it really indicates that you’ve overbaked it. The overcooked eggs in the custard filling are specifically to blame.

Why does my pumpkin pie taste bitter?

Cucurbitacin, a poisonous chemical with a bitter taste, may be found in cucumbers. Domesticated cucurbits have been bred to be bitter. However, insects migrating from one field to the next may cross-pollinate cultivated plants with wild or decorative plants.

Why is my pumpkin pie sweating?

The egg custard in pumpkin pie may split and leak if cooked at too high a temperature. A cool oven temperature might also result in a watery pumpkin pie.

Can you use evaporated milk instead of condensed milk in pumpkin pie?

Many pumpkin pie recipes call for evaporated milk, and I’m often asked whether sweetened condensed milk may be used in place of evaporated milk in the same recipe. The answer is no, sweetened condensed milk cannot be substituted for evaporated milk.

What happens if you don’t put salt in pumpkin pie?

Is it still going to be alright? Yes! Don’t worry, everything will be OK. Because salt is used to improve flavor, it may seem bland or “overly sweet,” yet it will still be delicious.

Is salt necessary in pumpkin pie?

Low salt concentrations aid in the coagulation of proteins that would otherwise be unable to coagulate due to their diluted state. Yes, salt seems to aid in the solidification of the eggs in your pumpkin pie.

Can I use sweet condensed milk in pumpkin pie?

It’s silky smooth, full-bodied, and scented with pumpkin spice. So you’ve come to the correct spot if you want to cook a pumpkin pie without evaporated milk. The filling is considerably simpler to prepare and tastes even better using sweetened condensed milk, making this the greatest pumpkin pie recipe available!

Why is it called Pet milk?

The “Our PET” trademark is registered, and the company’s flagship brand is given its formal name. 1898—During the Spanish-American War, “Our PET” assists in supplying Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders and other American combat forces with a safe and accessible source of milk.


This recipe is a classic and easy to make. It’s a family favorite, perfect for fall gatherings.

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