Pokemon Go What Is a Fashion Challenger?

Fashion Challengers are unique foes in Pokémon Go that will only debut during Fashion Week in September 2021. To fulfill different objectives in the Fashion Week research mission, you’ll need to combat Fashion Challengers a few times, so have your Pokémon ready.

Similarly, How do you encounter a fashion challenger in Pokemon GO?

If you come across a PokéStop that isn’t like the others, you’ll have a good chance of encountering a Fashion Challenger. You must beat the Fashion Challengers in order to accomplish all of the Fashion Week Timed Research missions.

Also, it is asked, How can you tell if a PokeStop has a fashion challenger?

Pokemon Go Fashion Challengers may be found here. They may be found at various Pokestops all around the world. PokeStops that seem to shake and move from afar, like Go Rocket Stops, are simpler to locate. It will be followed by the Challenger Avatar.

Secondly, How do I battle a fashion challenger?

The Fashion Challengers, like the previous challengers and Team Go Rocket grunts, emerge at certain PokéStops and challenge you to a fight when you engage with them. PokéStops with Fashion Challengers will wiggle, but not discolor, from afar.

Also, What is a fashion trainer in Pokemon go?

Throughout the event, stylish Trainers with trendy Pokemon will emerge at PokeStops, and you will be able to confront them and collect prizes. Eccentric, Quirky, Cool, Sassy, Slick, and Rugged Challenger are the six distinct sorts of Fashion Challengers now available in Pokemon Go.

People also ask, Why do people battle fashion challengers?

Trainers may combat them by engaging with any PokeStop where they spawn. Defeating Fashion Challengers is part of Fashion Week’s Timed Research. The more Fashion Challengers a trainer defeats, the more experience points he or she earns.

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