What to Put on a Mantl Width an Old Fashion Gold Mirror?

Similarly, What looks good on a mantelpiece?

Excellent Decorational Items for Fireplace Mantels image holders Candlesticks. Statues. Vases. Clocks. decorative containers framed photographs, artwork, and mirrors (lean them against the back wall for a casual look, then layer smaller pieces in front of them) Beautiful plates (on stands)

Also, it is asked, How do you accessorize a mirror?

Which is why you’ll find these suggestions on how to design around a mirror to be helpful. 1 | Build a wall of mirrors. 2 | Use Pictures To Create A Gallery Wall. 3 | Display artwork on either side. 4 | Repetition Of The Same Mirror. 5. Hang mirrors that are asymmetrical. Sconces should be hung on either side. 7. Add some flowers. Eight | Layer It.

Secondly, Does a mirror look good over a fireplace?

Accessorize to Add Visual Appeal: Reflecting the ornaments put above the mantel is made easier by hanging a mirror a few inches above the fireplace. Place decorations like aromatic candles, vibrant flowers, and figurines on each side of a mirror that is hanging above the mantel’s center.

Also, How big should a mirror be over a mantel?

Search for a mirror 1/3 of Your Mantel’s Size What’s most important to keep in mind when hanging a mirror above the fireplace, according to Kuo, is that its width should be at least 2/3 of the fireplace mantel, regardless of the form you pick.

People also ask, Do you have to decorate a mantel?

Simple is great in certain situations! You may even go so far as to leave the mantel unadorned so that it can speak for itself.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I choose a mirror over my fireplace?

Look for a mirror that sufficiently covers the area between the top of the mantel and the ceiling when sizing one to go above a fireplace. The “rule of thirds” is an important concept to remember; by doubling the height of your mantelpiece, you can determine the perfect height for your mirror.

How do you decorate the sides of a mirror?

If you want to decorate with mirrors, aim for symmetry; make sure each side of the mirror is balanced out with items of a comparable size, such as two identical-sized works of art. Make sure it’s centered and that each side has the equal amount of wall space if you simply want to design the mirror.

How do you refurbish a gold mirror?

Spray the frame with a light, smooth layer of paint that thoroughly covers it. Before applying a second coat of paint, let the paint approximately 30 minutes to cure and check to see whether it is dry to the touch. If you want a more opaque appearance, let the second coat of paint dry before adding a third.

How do you tone down a shiny gold frame?

To soften the dazzling gold just enough to accomplish the task, try rubbing it with a pinch of rottenstone. The frame might be sealed by applying a thin layer of clear finish over it.

How do you dull a gold mirror frame?

All you actually need is some steel wool to complete the task. To soften the gold color, just rub the frame. After rubbing it down for a few minutes, you’ll see that it’s already starting to look distressed.

How do you spice up a mirror frame?

Five Ideas to Add Color to Your Mirrors Use color to reframe. Use cut glass to create a mosaic. Use commonplace items to make remarkable things. Have a picture etched directly into the glass. Make sunbursts out of your round mirrors to give them some flair.

How do you arrange the candle holders on the mantle?

The same grouping should be replicated on both ends of the mantel. Place the candle in the tall taper candle holder next to the picture or mirror on the mantel, allowing 3 to 4 inches between them. Place a similar taper candle and shorter holder next to the taller one.


Decorating a mantel with a mirror can be both challenging and rewarding. Here are some ideas for you to consider: put the mirror on top of an old-fashioned gold frame, or use a large mirror to make the entire mantel seem bigger.

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